Anti-war protesters at Number 10

BBC News, Feb. 15, 2008

Anti-war protesters are to deliver a letter to Downing Street protesting about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The letter has been written by the Stop the War Coalition five years after the campaign group says it brought two million protesters to London.

The oldest and youngest demonstrators from the 2003 anti-Iraq War march and peace campaigner Bianca Jagger will be among the group taking part.

They will make a plea to Prime Minister Gordon Brown to end both conflicts.

Among the protestors will be 103-year-old Hetty Bower and five-year-old Alfie Sedley, both from London.

His mother Alicia Marr was 33 weeks pregnant when she went on the march five years ago.

The letter to Mr Brown referred to the anti-war march five years ago, continuing: "We said then that the war would be a disaster - everything that we said then has been proved to be true.

"There are still thousands of British troops in Iraq, whose only role seems to be to give cover to George Bush and the disastrous US occupation.

"Meanwhile the number of British troops in Afghanistan is growing and the occupation there is causing devastation."

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