Protesters call for Cheney to be impeached & arrested in Charlotte

by David Dixon, Action Center For Justice, Jan. 31, 2008
Video of the protest at

Twenty some people protested Dick Cheney when he came to the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce to give a speech on Jan. 31. Protesters called for Cheney to be impeached & arrested for war crimes, spying, lying us into wars, torture, war profiteering & other crimes against the people.

Protesters were able to demonstrate right outside the front door of the Chamber. The Republicans & Democratics attending Cheney's speech were met with chants for Cheney's impeachment for war crimes, spying, lying, torture, and other crimes against the people.

Protesters carried an "arrest warrant" with them and loudly called on the many police present to arrest Cheney. The demonstrators proclaimed that they "might have to make a citizens arrest today while Cheney was in town."

There was also a huge orange arrest warrant on display, a huge banner orange banner saying "Impeach Them", a banner reading "Impeach Bush & Cheney", & fuzzy orange peach costumes (for impeachment). Signs also called for Healthcare Not Warfare & to Forclose The War Not People's Homes.

People from Charlotte, Salisbury, Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Winston-Salem, Pinnacle, & Pittsboro took part in the protest.

Local Troops Out Now Coalition member group Action Center For Justice coordinated the protest with CODEPINK-Charlotte, Grassroots Impeachment Movement (GRIM), NC World Can't Wait, as well as activists with Stop Torture Now & Amnesty International organizing and participating.

The Charlotte Observer, WFAE radio, and several TV News stations filmed and/or talked to protesters. AP took a photo which was posted on Yahoo News Photos.

Cheney Urges Quick Action on Tax Rebate Plan
By MITCH WEISS, AP,, Jan. 31, 2008

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Vice President Dick Cheney pressed Thursday for quick action on the president's economic stimulus package, saying it will spur growth and minimize the country's economic downturn.

But he warned that Congressional squabbling over details of a measure designed to jump-start the economy could "slow down or possibly derail the bill altogether."

"Neither is acceptable," Cheney told 150 people during an appearance at the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. "President Bush is ready to sign the package into law and get rebate checks into the hands of the American people. The time for action is now."

During his speech, Cheney touched on some of the same themes as the president's final State of the Union address this week: quick action on tax rebates and a continued presence in Iraq and Afghanistan to fight the war on terror.

President Bush supports a tax stimulus package passed by the House, Cheney said. The measure includes rebates of $600-$1,200 to taxpayers. Families would also get $300 for each child. The Senate is working on a similar package, but there are differences that need to be worked out before taxpayers are sent checks, he said.

"This is not perfect legislation from the president's perspective, nor is it perfect legislation from the perspective of some Congressional leaders," Cheney said. "The fact is, we worked out a sensible workable bipartisan agreement."

He told the chamber the country rests on a "solid platform" of economic growth because of policies established by President Bush during his eight years in office. The vice president described the economy as being in a downturn - not a crisis - because of falling home values and higher oil prices.

"We must take wise and careful steps to revitalize America's economy. There's not a moment to waste," he said.

He said consumer spending was a key element of the stimulus package because it would "put more money back into the hands of the people."

Cheney predicted the president's package would work because, at $150 billion, it's big enough to have an immediate impact. Provided that President Bush signs the package, Americans could start receiving rebate checks by May.

"We expect the plan to result in an additional 500,000 new jobs before the end of this year," he said. "This is more than speculation. We actually have experience in this department," he said, referring to the president's 2001 tax cuts that sent rebate checks to millions of Americans.

About two-thirds of those receiving checks spent the money right away, he said. As a result, the recession of 2001 turned out to be "short and shallow," Cheney said.

The vice president later told the crowd that U.S. troops must continue their presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said the U.S. troop surge in Iraq is working. He said before the surge, "the nation was in danger of falling into chaos."

Cheney's speech was closed to the public, but outside about a dozen people protested his visit. They held signs and chanted "Impeach Cheney."

Ralph Jannelli, 35, of Charlotte said he wanted to send a message to the vice president. "We have to get out of Iraq," he said. "Too many of our soldiers have been killed. We don't want any more to die."

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