In the spirit of Dr. King: Fight racist terror in Jena, La.!

The Nationalist Movement have gotten the green light to spread their message of racist terror by local and statewide authorities which should be condemned by all progressive activists of nationalities. Fascistic groups like the Nationalist Movement should not have the right to free speech in order to spread their vile, hateful venom especially against Black and other people of color.

Historically, extra-legal terrorist groups like the KKK and the Nationalist Movement have been encouraged by the U.S. government to raise their ugly heads especially during periods of deepening economic crisis which is happening at this very moment in the U.S. after millions of people face foreclosures, evictions, loss of jobs and much more. It is also not an accident that these racists targeted Jena, where tens of thousands of mainly Black students from around the country marched last Sept. 20th to express their support of the heroic Black youth known as the Jena 6.

The Jena 6 defended themselves against racist white youth who hung nooses on a "white" tree outside of Jena High School in September 2006.

By hanging these nooses, these racist youth were saying that Black people deserve to be lynched which has been terror tactic of groups like the Nationalist Movement and the KKK since the end of the Civil War. Five of the Jena 6 will be standing trial for assaulting one of the racist students. Mychal Bell, one of the Jena 6, is still imprisoned for an old charge.

The Martin Luther King March Against Racism Coalition in N.Y. which includes Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST), Troops Out Now Coalition and International Action Center stands in solidarity with the Jena 6, the Black people of Jena and the anti-racist demonstration that is being planned in Jena on Jan. 21st which will gather at 9 a.m. in the Jena City Park for a rally, just off route 84 followed by march to the courthouse.

Down with the Nationalist movement! Smash racist terror! Unity and solidarity forever!

Free the Jena 6!

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