WUSA 9 News Now report on Sept 29 March On Washington

Decent report, other than under reporting the turn out. The Google news link for the article does say thousands

Hundreds Of Anti-War Protestors March Again In D.C.
Written by Brittany Morehouse
9News Now, 9/29/2007 11:08PM Last Updated:10/1/2007 12:31AM

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) - A week-long anti-war movement reached its peak Saturday when hundreds united to march the streets of D.C.

Organized by the Troops Out Now Coalition, the protest united young people with some protest veterans.

For Larry Holmes and Sharon Eolis, two of the Troops Out Now founders, the demonstration is one among thousands in which they've participated.

"I was drafted in the vietnam war. I refused to go," said Holmes. "So I tried to organize soldiers against the war and got a lot of support from the inside and outside. Vietnam War woke me up, radicalized me - made me think about the world."

"I first came around since the civil rights movement in 1959. My first demonstration was the March on Washington" said Eolis, who traveled to Iraq as a healthcare worker. "I think there's an opportunity for people to live in peace."

Ever since, Holmes and Eolis have dedicated their lives to anti-war efforts and other social causes.

"I've learned that the reasons for the Vietnam War are the same reasons why people go hungry in the world and why there's so much inequality," he said.

Holmes organized Saturday's event to showcase how it's possible to unite different social causes.

"That's why if you see in our march we said stop the war. we also said free the Jena 6 we also said justice for katrina survivors. We also said stop rage on immigrants."

He called Saturday's turn out an example of how he's passing the torch. He joined dozens of young high schoolers and college students who splintered off the massive protest early evening. The group sat in the middle of the street at the intersection of Constitution and Pennsylvania Ave, blocking traffic between 3rd and 4th streets.

One man worked as a walking filibuster. He held a megaphone and talked non-stop to the peaceful demonstrators. He sang rap songs, old songs and even clips from the movie Annie.

"The sun will come out tomorrow," he sang to the weary group.

"He's annoying but like the rest of us, he's here," remarked one of the protestors. The group stayed put until 10pm, when they joined the thousand others who were camped out next to the Capitol's West Side reflecting pool.

"This is what it's all about," said Holmes.

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