Volunteers for video activism needed

Calling for Activist video trainees and volunteers!
Work with Peoples Video Network!

Train to use cameras, large and small! Edit!
Use DVD technology! Stream and distribute your work!

First Workshop Series coordinated with Sept 22-29 Anti-War Encampment and demonstrations in Washington DC:

Series of workshops in video documentation, camera, editing and distribution. Work with Peoples Video network in hands-on classes and field-work in video activism. Mentoring with seasoned video activists. Final presentation to an appreciative audience. Opportunity to learn distribution to wider audiences. Our goal is to encourage you to take this course from beginning to end and to participate in Peoples Video Network on an ongoing basis.

Workshop 1: Learning the Canon XL1 series. Focus, lighting, sound, care of equipment. Work with a team
Workshop 2: handling a small camera in action situations. Care of equipment and safeguarding footage. Coordination with field editors, camera crew
Workshop 3: Interview technique. Lighting, sound, conducting interviews.

Field-work will go on throughout training and provide the raw material for viewing, editing and discussion. Document the encampment Sept 22-29 in Washington DC. Learn to shoot at demonstrations and in other action situations. Shooting formal events. Working with the sound crew.
Interview technique. Opportunity for independent work as well as mentoring and
feedback sessions.

Workshop 4: Viewing the raw footage. Group comments and feedback in a
supportive environment.

Workshop 5: Basics of Final Cut Pro. Beginning the editing process; using raw footage from field-work and also from archival material.
Workshop 6: More basics of Final Cut Pro

Workshop 7: Finishing a project and exporting it. Streaming, printing,
dvd making
Workshop 8: More concepts of distribution. Discussion of festivals,
internet, grants

Final Workshop Presentation

Each video activist will present a sample of work to be shown at a commencement recital event with invited guests.

Sign up for PVN WORKSHOPS: or call (212) 340-1286. Leave your name, phone number and e-mail and the best time to reach you.

To learn more about Peoples Video Network go to or

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