Atlanta appeals hearings: five new videos!

National Committee To Free The Cuban Five Bulletin

Five new videos about the Aug. 20 appeals hearing for the Cuban Five can now be viewed on our website at The first, a seven-minute video made by the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, tells the complete story of what happened in Atlanta - the Sunday night reception, the hearing, and the press conference following the hearing. It features interviews with and speeches by many of the key people who were in Atlanta in support of the Five - Leonard Weinglass, Ramsey Clark, Cynthia McKinney, Juan Guzmán, and more.

The other four videos are broadcasts from U.S. and British media. One is a seven-minute interview with Leonard Weinglass that appeared on the popular independent news show (radio and TV) Democracy Now! (with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez) on Aug. 23. Another is a short piece broadcast by BBC on the day after the hearing, and a third a segment that aired on the CBS Evening News on Sept. 3.

The final video represents one of the largest breakthroughs yet in the U.S. corporate media - a 14-minute piece that appeared on CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, broadcast on Aug. 29. That piece begins with a four-minute segment by CNN's Morgan Neill in Havana, discussing the importance of the Cuban Five to the people of Cuba, and includes an interview with Olga Salanueva, wife of René González. That extremely positive segment is followed by a ten-minute "debate" between Leonard Weinglass and a representative of the Cuban Democratic Directorate. Weinglass does an amazing job discussing the key issues in the case. All in all, it's about as good a piece as one could hope for on the corporate media, and a very positive development for the Five.

All five videos can be accessed on the home page of the Committee at Most are available in both high-resolution QuickTime format and lower-resolution (but quicker-loading) YouTube format. The Committee will soon be making the videos available to local committees and others on DVD as well, for showing at reportback meetings, house parties, and anywhere else.

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Website update

We are still working to restore the Free the Five website to full functionality, following the crash which forced us to transfer the site to a new server. We have most of the site restored now, and also have email working (to info, webmaster, and freedomfund at At the moment, the online forms for contacting the committee and for adding events to the calendar are the one major feature not working; please just send email to the appropriate address for those functions.

24-hour vigil and picket in Vancouver

Outside of Atlanta, one of the most exciting events that has happened for the Five in the past two weeks was the 24-hour vigil and picket held by supporters of the Five in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read all about it on the website!

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