2 Greensboro police officers indicted

Ed Scannell,, Sept. 18, 2007

GREENSBORO -- Following an investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation, a Guilford County grand jury has indicted two former members of the Greensboro Police Department's Special Intelligence Unit on felony charges including obstruction of justice.

Greensboro Mayor Keith Holliday calls the indictments the beginning of the end in the longstanding controversy surrounding the administration of former police chief David Wray.

At a downtown news conference, Holliday called the indictments of Detective Scott E. Sanders and Sgt. William Tom Fox disappointing, but not surprising.

"Of course, the individuals indicted are presumed innocent until proven guilty," said Holliday. "But the grand jury's finding of probable cause for the indictments indicates a real basis for concern regarding the alleged activities."

The SBI began its investigation last year, amid a sometimes racially-charged atmosphere, based on information from police officers about possible wrongdoing, including illegal wiretaps, extortion, altering documents and kidnapping.

"What is truly disturbing is that the actions on which the SBI based their charges are, in fact, consistent with the environment described by both black and white officers of differing ranks," said Holliday.

Holliday hopes the community won't take these indictments as a reflection on the rest of the department.

"I want to emphasize very few individuals who have been involved in this do not reflect the nobility and the expertise and the professionalism of our current police department, and that's what I want our citizens to know," he said.

Regarding Wray, Holliday says he's disappointed that Wray chose to resign rather than let the process play itself out to its conclusion.

In addition to the obstruction charge, Sanders and Fox face charges of conspiracy.

Sanders also has been charged with unlawful access to a government computer.

Both men have been of administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of investigations by both the Greensboro Police Department and the SBI.

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