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The Government is trying to silence antiwar resistance in September

Defend our right to erect antiwar tents on the Capitol Mall!

Stop the War at Home & Abroad - Stop the War Against the Movement


Three months ago, the Troops Out Now Coalition applied to the National Parks Service for permits to erect an anti-war tent city on the Mall across from the Capitol in Washington DC from September 22 to September 29, as a build up to the March against the war at home and abroad on September 29.

As some of you might recall, we organized a tent city (encampment) on this same area last spring, as a part of the fight to end all war funding.

In a meeting with representatives of the National Parks Service, on Thursday, August 23, we were informed for the first time that we would not be allowed to erect the tents because suddenly, it had been decided that all of the areas on the Mall where tents could be erected would be fenced off and would under go "re-soding" at the very time that we planned to use the mall.

We don't believe that it's a coincidence that the Mall area closest to the Capitol is suddenly off limits to protest during the very time when Congress will again be voting to spend another $145 billion dollars on the war and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Everyone knows that September is going to be a crucial month for the struggle to end this criminal war. The anti-war movement has been mobilizing all summer for the fall.

Momentum for the September 22-29 Encampment to Stop the War and the September 29 March on Washington is growing, with more than 70 organizing centers and 32 states across the U.S. actively mobilizing. Every day we learn of new cities that are organizing buses, car caravans, and vans. Every day, activists are calling and emailing to let us know that they will be joining the Encampment.

Apparently, the government has also been preparing for the fall, preparing to silence mass resistance to the war unless we do something about it. Recently the ANSWER Coalition was hit with $10,000 fines for postering for the Sept. 15 march. And now, we learn that the Mall is off limits. Make no mistake about it, the efforts on behalf of the government to squelch resistance to the empire are real and dangerous, but they will not work if we unite and fight back.


What you can do:

1. Join us in a campaign to let the politicians in Washington D.C. know that we will not be silenced. Please sign the petition online at

2. Please call Mary A. Bomar, Director of the National Park Service at (202) 208-6843 and Secretary of Interior Dirk Kempthorne at (202) 208-6416

3. Make a donation to help us with the enormous costs of organizing for the Encampment to Stop the War and the March on Washington. In addition to printing hundreds of thousands of leaflets, organizing buses, purchasing or renting equipment for the Encampment, we now face the expenses of mounting a political and legal challenge to stop Washington's attempt to silence dissent. You can donate online at

With your continued help and support, we are continuing to organize and mobilize for the Encampment to Stop the War and the September 29 March on Washington. If you haven't made plans to participate, please contact a local organizing center at

For details, flyers & more see or call (212) 633-6646.

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