Sept 29 Stop The War Against Women at Home & Abroad

Unite against sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia!

Unite against economic exploitation!

Unite to win everything we need!

The U.S. claims "liberation of women" as it bombs & kills women, men, children, & the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, & the world. But U.N. studies show women surviving in Iraq & Afghanistan are far worse off since the Pentagon assaults began.

Inside the U.S. women–most notably Katrina survivors–are losing jobs, housing, health care, day care; are rounded up in immigrant raids & locked up in prison for acts of survival, self-defense & drug addiction; are denied reproductive and economic justice; forced into debt to get an education; raped & battered as domestic shelters are closed down; are losing their loved ones, children & families through police brutality, to the military poverty draft, to racist attacks, gender-phobic attacks, attacks on lesbian, bisexual, transgender & transsexual women.

Poor women & women of color are most at risk.

And the U.S. is spending $140,000 a minute on its wars. A Nobel prize-winning economist, Joseph Stiglitz, says the total cost of the Iraq war alone may ultimately be $2 trillion.

Stop the War against Women at Home & Abroad

End the wars! Use the money to provide —

• Jobs at a living wage with pay equity, equal access, no discrimination

• Free, universal, sensitive, accessible health care for all

• Free education–from day care through adult training to life-long learning

• Affordable housing & safe homes for everyone

• Reproductive justice for all women–ob-gyn services, paid maternity leave & job protection, safe contraception, no forced sterilization, full access to abortion, positive sex education, all the social & economic resources needed to raise healthy children

• Centers for shelter & self-defense against sexual & domestic violence, for independent living for disabled people and seniors, for recovery from addiction, with an end to racist, sexist incarcerations

• Full rights & services for all undocumented workers & an end to ICE raids

• Rebuilding the infrastructure of New Orleans & Gulf Coast to bring Hurricane Katrina & Rita survivors home

• Cancellation of all student loan debt with support services for young people

• A national campaign against racism, sexism & anti-LGBT bigotry

Politicians won't stop the war -
only the people will stop the war

Sept. 29 National March on the White House -
Sept. 22-29 Encampment in Front of Congress

Buses from across the U.S., find one near you

For details, flyers, & to endorse, click here

Issued by the Nat'l Women's Fightback Network, 55 W. 17th St., 5th Fl., NYC

The Women's Fightback Network is a grassroots alliance of poor and working women of all nationalities, immigrants, disabled activists, students, elders and youth, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and transgender women–all standing together to protest budget cuts, racism, sexism, homophobia and war.

For info. call: 212-633-6646. E-mail:

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