SEPT 29: 47 Organizing Centers, 65 buses, 1,000+ endorsers

Politicians Won't Stop the War - Only the People Will Stop the War


SEPTEMBER 22 -29: ENCAMPMENT directly in front of Congress to demand Congress stop funding the war


Last November, the Democratic Party took control of the House and Senate as voters made clear their overwhelming opposition to the policies of the Bush Administration. Many looked to the Democratic Party to take bold action to end the brutal war in Iraq. Some expected that the Democrats would push forward with the impeachment of Bush and Cheney for their crimes.

Instead, as soon as the Democratic leadership was sworn in, they announced that they had no intention of cutting off the war funding and that impeachment was "off the table," as they ignored the mandate of the people and began to strategize for the 2008 Presidential Election.

In March of this year, while more than 70% of the people in the U.S. were opposed to the war, Congress completely capitulated to Bush and voted to approve funding for the war.

Meanwhile, as Congress gives Bush a blank check for endless war, there is no money to provide more than 40 million people in the U.S. with health care. Our cities are collapsing, our schools are not preparing our youth, our seniors are abandoned. Only the prisons and police repression are growing.

The next battle over war funding: September

Currently approved funding for the war will expire on October 1. This time, we cannot wait for the Congress to "do the right thing." The antiwar movement must be there in massive numbers to demand the cut off of all war funding and the end to this criminal war. And it's time for us to explore new tactics -- marches alone will not end the war, no matter how big they are. It's time to move from protest to resistance.

September will be a month of escalating protest and resistance. Many local and national organizations are planning actions in Washington DC, beginning in early September. Thousands of people are coming in from around the country. The month of protest will culminate in a massive march on September 29, timed to coincide with the next struggle over funding for the war.

During the week of September 22-29, the antiwar movement will "Occupy the Occupiers," with an Encampment directly in front of the Capitol. Youth, veterans, military families, community organizers, and antiwar activists from across the country are planning now to be in DC for the week of the Encampment. The Encampment itself will be an organizing hub all week, with teach-ins, music, displays, and more. Activists are also planning creative acts of disruption and direct action throughout the week as Congress debates the funding for Bush's war.

On September 29, activists from all over the U.S. will assemble in Washington for a massive march to demand "Troops Out Now! Stop the War at Home and Abroad! Impeach Bush and Cheney for War Crimes!"

Buses, vans and cars are coming from around the country and from a city near you. Momentum for the Encampment to Stop the War (Sept. 22-29) and the March on Washington (Sept. 29) is growing, with Organizing Centers in 47 cities, more than 65 buses scheduled and many more expected. The list of endorsers is growing daily, with more than 1,000 organizations, community groups and organizers. Recent endorsers include World Can't Wait, the Green Party of the U.S., Not In Our Name, former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Michael Parenti, MECAWI, Charles Barron, Ramsey Clark, Code Pink, After Downing Street, Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Families for Peace, Ron Kovic, along with what you list of World Can't Wait, the Green Party of the U.S., Not In Our Name, former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Michael Parenti, numerous chapters of Military Families Speak Out and Veterans for Peace and more. for a complete list, see

We need your help - Only the People Will Stop the War!

We cannot wait for Congress to act on its own and cut off war funding. We cannot listen to those who would tell the antiwar movement to stand down and wait for the 2008 Presidential elections. Politicians won't stop the war until we make them stop it, and that requires a massive outpour of resistance in the streets of Washington. We're counting on your help to make this happen.

Here's how you can help:

Endorse - Add your name to the growing list of international signers supporting the call for united action to shut down the war.

Donate - Help send buses to Washington DC

Become a local organizer

Download leaflets and help get the word out.

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