Sept. 15 When Gen. Petraeus Reports on Iraq "Surge" - March on Washington

The ANSWER Coalition has called for a March on Washington timed to coincide with Gen Petraeus' report to Congress on Bush's Iraq "surge".

Transportation from Charlotte: We will organize van/carpool caravan and/or buses depending on interest. Contact us ASAP so we can make appropriate plans.

Action Center For Justice

A Two-Month Surge of Resistance Against the War at Home and Abroad

The next two months will see many acts of protest and resistance against the war. We encourage you to organize, mobilize, and support as many of these actions as you can. Let's answer Bush's surge with a surge of resistance.

August 25 - March Against the the war at home and abroad - Newark -

August 25 - Protest the war criminals - Kennebunkport Maine

August 27 - Stop the War Against Women -

August 29 - September 2, 2007 - International Tribunal on
Hurricanes Katrina & Rita -

September 11 - "Day of Outrage" against police terror - NYC - called by the D12 Movement

September 15 - March Against the War - Washington DC - called by the ANSWER Coalition

September 22 - 29 - Encampment to Stop the War in Washington -

September 29 - March against the war at home and abroad -

October 27 - Regional antiwar protest around the country - called by United for Peace & Justice -

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