War Profiteers Plan Next Summit to Continue Looting Iraq

By David Dixon,, July 26, 2007

The Iraq Development Program (formerly Iraq Procurement) is a virtual guide to companies profiteering from the invasion & occupation of Iraq.

They have been organizing "Meet The Buyers" conferences since 2004 to facilitate face-to-face discussion between “key business leaders & decision makers” according to their website.

IDP's next event “Iraq Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, & Electricity Summit” is scheduled for Sept 2 – 4 in Dubai.

The “Event Sponsor" is Chevron and “Gold Sponsors” include: Shell, Conoco-Phillips and BP.

There is a section of their website dedicated to “Explaining Iraq’s New Hydrocarbon Law” that states, “The implications of the hydrocarbon law for international oil companies looking to work in Iraq are huge, with the arrangement allowing for regional government officials and local companies to engage in contracts with any foreign corporations.”

The links on the section for “Official Summit Media Partners” contain a wealth of information of what the war profiteers are up to.

There could not be a better resource for understanding one of the primary goals of the U.S. invasion & occupation of Iraq. Indeed, to judge by the Iraq Development Program’s website everything is going along just fine as planned.

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A guide to Iraq War Profiteers:

Iraq Development Program

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