Today in DC - March from Arlington Cemetery to Rep. Conyers demands impeachment

by Debra Sweet, World Can't Wait, July 23, 2007

Cindy Sheehan, Ray McGovern and Rev. Lennox Yearwood met with John Conyers this afternoon, while about 300 of us were outside in the hall. We had arrived after a really spirited, really ORANGE march from Arlington Cemetery where the response from people in cars, on the Mall, and in offices was mostly very positive. There was a loud, permitted "Gathering of Eagles/Free Republic" counter-rally of 30 people with a guy criticizing WCW, Cindy, and Medea Benjamin.

Cindy announced after meeting with Conyers, that he said the 2008 elections were the way to end the Bush regime, and that nothing was more important than the Democrats winning the presidency. Rev. Yearwood said how disappointing it was to have Conyers, his mentor, turn his back on the peoples' demand for justice.

Immediately, about 30 people jammed into Conyer's outer office, and were arrested within about 20 minutes. Hundreds of others were in the hallway, and some of them were arrested when they sat down in protest.

50 people met outside Conyer's Detroit office this morning. Homeland Security allowed only 5 people in, who sat for hours in solidarity with the people demanding impeachment in Washington.

More on all of this soon....Debra

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