A Night For Impeachment at Bennett College with Cindy Sheehan

by Scott Trent, Greensboro Chapter, "The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime!"

Click here to listen.

July 18th - With only about a week and a half notice, and while we were in the midst of planning our Town Hall Meeting, we were able to step up and host Cindy Sheehan, who is on a "Journey for Humanity" from Crawford, TX to NYC to push impeachment and accountability for the crimes of the Bush Regime.

We were incredibly lucky to have her joined by her friend Rev. Lennox Yearwood, another national leader of the impeachment movement, and founder of the Hip Hop Caucus. Accompanying Cindy was a caravan of die-hard peace activists, many of them veterans, from across the US. (Unfortunately, due to heavy rain in NYC, Debra Sweet, national director ot The World Can't Wait, had her flight cancelled and couldn't attend, but was able to join the caravan for appearances in Carrboro, NC, Lynchburg VA, and Charlottesville VA.)

Over 100 people attended the event, hosted by the Student Government Association at Bennett College--another major breakthrough for the student movement! There was music, poetry, discussion and plans for future actions thanks to the presenters and paticipants.

Check out the follwing link for an audio recording of Cindy's speech and a killer mashup of the rest of the Bennett College event, including inspiring samples of Rev's "Power to the People" speech here (big thanks to "Billy Sugarfix"):

Special thanks go to Bennett College SGA president Tiffany Lindsay for setting up the event, Parents and Citizens for Truth in Recruiting, Faith Community Church, John Heuer and GRIM, Food Not Bombs and St. Mary's House for the AWESOME breakfast on Thursday, the "Journey for Humanity" caravanistas, and everyone who pitched in to help organize, and publicize this event, and help cover travel costs with your generous contributions.

We've got TWO major things coming up for you to get involved in--the "Stop the Violence Cookout" at Hampton Homes in Greensboro on July 29th, and the "Bush Crimes Commission" DVD house parties/fundraisers. Watch for an email later today for details!

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