July 27 Declare It Now with Cindy Sheehan in NYC - Drive Out The Bush Regime!

July 27, 2007
5:00 PM
Location: Union Square (South End)

Come to the Press Conference starting at 5 PM to stand with Cindy Sheehan (founding member of Gold Star Families for Peace) and others as they Declare It Now against the crimes of the Bush regime and give their reasons why.

At 6 PM a rally will begin with the sounds of live music, drumming, and poetry. Orange will cover Union Square Park as there is a procession around the park led by musicians to bring more people into the rally. The monthly Critical Mass bike ride will arrive in the part at this time.

Speakers at the rally will include:
Cindy Sheehan
Sunsara Taylor--Advisory Board member of World Can't Wait and writer for Revolution Newspaper
Elaine Brower--member of the National Steering Committee of the World Can't Wait and mother of a US Marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.
There will be a performance of the Declare It Now call and a reading of the Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime.

This event will launch the color orange into New York City as people across the city come together to Declare themselves against the crimes of the Bush regime and then go out to ask others to do the same!

Call to volunteer at this event: 347-678-5905
Donate to make it happen:

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