Journey For Humanity & Accountability Day 10

by Cindy Sheehan, The Camp Casey Peace Institute

Just a quick update:

Our Journey came to Lynchburg, VA after we had a nice lunch from the community of Carrboro, NC with a nice welcome from the community's mayor.

The Lynchburg PD was very professional and kept the right-wing loudmouths away from us, so both sides could safely exercise our freedom of speech before the demo was interrupted by a thunderstorm deluge.

We found out something interesting though. In Charlotte, NC, the car that I was riding in that has "Peace Mom vs. Pelosi" had a flat tire when we were going down I-40 toward an interview. Later, when we were having the tire repaired, we found out that it had been cut. We think that's attempted murder.

Hundreds of people have come out to support us on our way here and thousands have signed our petition on

We are taking petitions with over one millionsignatures to Congress Reps Conyers and Pelosi toimpeach the criminals in the executive branch andrestore our rule of law and save our soldiers and thepeople of Iraq from their callous incompetent mis-leadership.

Go to to sign the petition and to for more info about our Journey.

Last night we were in Charlottesville today in Richmond...details soon.

Please donate to help us along the way

Also see "Give War A Chance" by Cindy Sheehan

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