Protest at Downing Street on Blair's last day

London Wednesday June 27 From 10am

Military Families Against the War, supported by Stop the War Coalition, are planning to make Wednesday 27 June an anti-war day in Downing Street. This is the day Tony Blair leaves office to be replaced by Gordon Brown.

Tony Blair will leave Downing Street in the morning and our protest will begin at 10am. Gordon Brown will enter in the afternoon (we will publicise the time as soon as we get it), when Military Families Against the War will deliver him a letter asking him to meet them, a request that Blair has turned down repeatedly over the past three years.

Please join us to make sure that Blair’s last day in office is marked by his true legacy: up to one million killed in Iraq, over four million Iraqis – one in seven of the population – now refugees and 151 British soldiers killed in an illegal and unnecessary war.

For more information see Stop the War Coalition.

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