New Palestinian premier has U.S. 'blessing', June 24, 2007

Salam Fayyad, whom Mahmoud Abbas unilaterally named premier in a government meant to bypass Hamas, was appointed “with the explicit blessing of the U.S.,” said Peter Beaumont, foreign affairs editor of the Observer (UK, June 17)

Before the appointment, this former World Bank official was “trying to drum up support to have international aid sent through a special Palestine Liberation Organization bank account in order to avoid Hamas.” (New York Times, June 16)

Fayyad has no known credentials in the struggle to liberate Palestine. “In last year’s elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council—the election Hamas won—Fayyad’s list secured just 2.4 percent of votes, Beaumont said. “He is largely unknown to most Palestinians. He has no party machinery to support him.”

“The only people who are really behind Salam Fayyad are the European and U.S. diplomats who have long sung his praises behind the scenes to any journalist prepared to listen,” continued Beaumont.

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