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To: Members of the Parliament or Cabinet of Iraq

In the United States, there are Congress Members trying to end the occupation of Iraq. There are peace groups and labor unions urging Congress to end the occupation. But the Iraqi government appears closer to ending the occupation than our U.S. Congress is.

The majority of the American people want the occupation of Iraq ended.

The American people voted a Democratic Majority into Congress in the Nov. 2006 election because so they would end the war, but the Democrats won't end the war anymore than the Republicans. Therefore, I am asking as an American citizen, that you please end the U.S. occupation of Iraq and send our soldiers and contractors home.

I am also opposed to the U.S. Congress requiring a law that would take control of Iraq's oil away from Iraqis' and give it to U.S. and other western oil corporations.

In addition, I support the Iraqi oil workers just demands for fair working conditions and compensation.

Thank you.

Sign the petition Americans Ask Iraqi Politicians to End Occupation at

Send a letter to the Iraqi Embassy & learn about the Iraqi Electrical Utility Workers Union President currently touring the U.S., click here.

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