100 Day Decrease The Violence Celebration

Saturday, July 7, 2007 - Parade Celebration and Community Resource Fair

In January 2007, we joined our collaborators in adopting five communities to help decrease the violence and increase community sufficiency. Little Rock Apartments and Boulevard Homes on the West side of charlotte was our first initiative. Through this effort, we have evaluated the first 100 day’s experience with a decrease in violence and deaths in these two communities.

Parade to start at Remount and West Boulevard and ending in the field behind the Boulevard Homes Resident Center and Office.

All Step and Marching Groups are asked to participate, Bands, Clubs, Organizations, Businesses, Floats, Cars, Vans, Neighborhood Groups and Community Organizations.

There will be a Community Resource Fair

We are asking all Non-Profit, Government Agencies, Charlotte Mecklenburg School Systems, Small Businesses, Beauty Salons, Day Cares, etc…. to participate in the Resource Fair


Step Groups, Bands, Rappers, Poetry, Singing, etc…

For Participation

Call: Sylvia L. Grier @ 704.333.1690 or J. Love @ 704.499.0140

Donation for participation:
Donation to Boulevard Homes H.E.L.P. Program and other collaborating non-profits.

Co-Sponsors: Boulevard Homes H.E.L.P. Program, Kenny Foundation, The Crusade “Stop the Killing”, The Nation of Islam, J. Love Promotions, T.A..D. Kids, Gwendell’s Concern, The Genesis Project, and other

100-Day Celebration

We want to celebrate this milestone with the community and we want you to join this celebration. Our 100 days ended May 9, 2007. The goal is to plan a celebration to involve all communities, organizations and churches in the celebratory process. In order to meet the goal, we need your support. This is a two-fold request. (1) We need your monetary donation and (2) We need your organization to participate in the celebration activities.

The Millions More Movement – Charlotte, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt action-oriented organization. We are in our second year of advocacy and answering the need for a unified effort to address social ills in disenfranchised neighborhoods. We are doing everything within our organization to promote collaboration and unity as a ‘best practice’ to aiding our communities. We have been successful in bringing together, through collaboration, 19 organizations. We need you and your organization to join us in working for better communities citywide.

One of our initiatives is to support programs with youth involvement. Through joint efforts, we provided field trips taking youth out of their communities, supported T.A.D. Kids, J. Love Promotions, Gwendell’s Concerns and The Genesis Project One, Inc. We’ve held a family night with The Genesis Project, hosted, and facilitated three Health Workshops – two workshops in West Charlotte. Our largest youth program was held Monday May 14 where we hosted the Charlotte Police Department’s program ‘Gang of One’. The session provided food and information to over 70 youth on help in staying out of gangs. In addition, the effort impacted the knowledge base of approximately 40 adults.

We encourage you to get involved. Please find enclosed information for donations and participation. We have a short turn-a-round time and hope that you can make an extra effort to reach an expeditious decision to support this celebration. Time is of the essence. PLEASE ACT NOW!


Sylvia L. Grier, 1st VP

MMM – Charlotte, Inc.

More info & to donate: contact Sylvia L. Grier @ 704.333.1690

The MMM Needs You and Your Organization - Join Our Alliances!!!

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