Oct 5 Rally to drive out Bush Regime & Defend Charlotte6

Thurs., October 5, 2006
150 Rallied in uptown Charlotte to:
Defend The Charlotte 6!
Drop The Charges Now!
Drive Out The Bush Regime!
National Day Of Action

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Guest speakers included:
Rev. James Barnett, Stop The Killing campaign
Jim Grohnquist, attorney & Vietnam-era C.O.
Brandon Magness, Southside Punx, Charlotte Six
Pete Ager, Dirty South Revolutionaries, Charlotte Six
Mike Cassanova, Southside Punx, Char. Six Defense
Carol Marley, Char-Meck CODEPINK
David Dixon, Action Center For Justice
Nazie Rostum, Iranian American
Maggie Davis, Char-Meck CODEPINK
Mary Keenan, RHFACTOR
Mark Ortiz, 9/11 Truth Activist
Jay Pennell, Charlotte 6 Defense Committee
Joe Leonard, Charlotte 6 Defense Committee

The Peace Ribbon, honoring U.S./Coalition soldiers & Iraqis' killed as a result of the illegal invasion & occupation of Iraq, was on display.

Action Center For Justice

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