Victim has broken ribs & punctured lung from police beating

Victim suffers broken ribs & punctured lung from police beating

Hundreds sign petition calling for charges to be dropped

On Sept 23, police brutally attacked band members and the crowd attending a Human Rights Fest in uptown Charlotte, NC. The event had been going great attracting a multinational crowd of some 200 people. Many people passing by stopped and joined in. The Human Rights Fest featured performances from Dirty South Revolutionaries, Tax Slave, 25 Minutes To Go and Southside Punx. The police forced the permitted event to shut down early. Than dozens of cops charged into the crowd, jumping on people and using a taser on at least one person. One person, David Crane, was beaten by several cops and people were arrested. Full story at

David Crane went to the hospital and was treated for broken ribs and a collapsed lung. According to Brandon Magness, with the band Southside Punx, “Dave is a peaceful man and these injuries were caused directly from the police.”

Defend The Charlotte Five - Drop The Charges

An online petition demanding that the charges against David Crane, Joshua Lane, Edward Auer, Johnathan Moss, and Brandon Magness be dropped and any violations of their civil liberties be redressed. The petition has collected over 250 signatures in less than 24 hours.

Read and sign the petition at

For more information contact Action Center For Justice at (704) 492-8527 or see

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