Charlotte citizens take part in national day to support Lt Ehren Watada

On June 27, some 25 people got together in Charlotte in support of Lt Ehren Watada. Lt. Watada is the first commissioned US officer to refuse deployment to Iraq. The Lieutenant says the Iraq War is an “illegal war”, in violation of international and domestic law. (Full information at Over three dozen cities took part in the action, click here for full list.

The film “Sir! No Sir!”, the suppressed story of the G.I. Resistance movement to end the Vietnam war, was shown at the Public Library in downtown Charlotte. Ahmad Daniels, a Vietnam-era military resister who is mentioned in the film, gave an introduction and facilitated a discussion afterwards. Daniels spent two and half years in prison for refusing to deploy to Vietnam while in the Marines.

Many of those in attendance seemed eager for a large, mass movement against the Iraq War similar to the one opposing the Vietnam War. Lt Watada’s courageous stand may just be the spark that ignites such a movement.

Those participating in the event included members of Action Center For Justice, Char-Meck CODEPINK, Creative Interchange, Charlotte Area Greens, The Freedom Group, the newly reformed Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) and others. A few people in the library joined as well after an announcement was made on the PA about the film.

The 24 hour cable channel News 14 covered the event.

Charlotte area activists will continue to build support for Lt Watada and other brave military resisters. There will be a demonstration held in his support if he is court-martialed. The G.I. Resisters Support Center has been launched to provide support locally and coordinate activities with the national movement.

For more information see or call (704) 492-8527.

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